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Like a warm hug from someone you love, these luxurious towel robes will have you feeling absolute, undeniable comfort. 

The bathrobe towel was born from the idea of bringing a luxurious and practical product to life in a way that makes it fun and easy to use for much more than just drying off. Wanting to create something that was easy to wear, comfortable, and made from quality material, our towel robes have it all. 

Our Guild Bath Robe collection is made from a breathable fabric that absorbs moisture, keeps you warm, and stays fluffy all the way through. Its lightweight white, black, or olive-colored fabric also makes it perfect for warmer climates and those who prefer an alternative to the traditional white bathrobe. 

Partnering with Artestar, we are extremely proud of our Keith Haring towel robe collection. Showcasing his iconic artwork on our most plush towel bathrobe, the Breakers Bath Robe, it comes complete with a comfy shawl collar and all the absorbency and plush luxury you could possibly want from a bathrobe towel. Made from 100% winter-weight cotton terry, the long-staple yarn keeps the fabric extra cozy so it’s great for everything from outdoor hot tub sessions to frosty nights on the couch after a warm bath. 

Regardless of the collection you choose, our bathrobes are crafted with the highest quality of materials and feature adjustable waist ties for a secure fit, generously sized pockets, and a drawcord loop for optimal drying. It is a must-have for any modern bathroom.