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Tired of sandy floors and car seats after a day at the beach? No matter how many times you shake out your towels, there’s always bound to be some of it that ends up in your house or car. Luckily, with our sand-free beach towels, you can enjoy a sand-free car and home with just a few shakes.

Two of our popular towel collections are certified sand-free—our luxurious Turkish towels and convenient quick-dry towels.

Constructed with a tight cotton weave, our Turkish towels naturally repel sand particles, making them easy to get clean. As some of the best sand-free beach towels you’ll ever come across, our lightweight Turkish towels come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit even the pickiest. They are made with sustainably sourced cotton and feature a drying ring to make getting rid of sand and moisture easier than ever.

Our Rubber Soul and Sunshine Turkish sand-free beach towels, produced in partnership with the Beatles and Grateful Dead, respectively, make the perfect gifts for music and beach lovers alike.

Alternatively, our quick-dry towels are made of polyester, which stops sand from clinging to them or anything else they touch. Known for their fun designs and bright colors, our quick-dry sand-free towel collection has something for everyone, from Dead Heads to Yankee fans. Also made from sustainably sourced materials, these towels are perfect for days at the beach when a warm, cozy towel that dries under nearly any conditions is necessary.