Outdoor Blankets

Sustainably sourced, stylish, and versatile, our outdoor blankets are the perfect solution for anything from outdoor events to picnics and days spent lazing in the sunshine. Made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste like plastic bottles that are transformed into premium polyester fibers, our outdoor blankets are not only green, they’re beautiful and unbelievably cozy too.  With six different blankets to choose from with various prints and patterns, we have a blanket to suit every style and comfort requirement. Additionally, the versatility of our park and camp blankets makes them perfect for your next beach or outdoor camping trip. 

Here’s why our park and camp blankets for outdoor use are essential for your next getaway or outdoor activity:

  • Each blanket has a stylish print, with either a quick-dry top layer (park blanket) or a fleece top layer (camp blanket) to provide additional warmth.
  • The bottom layer of each blanket has a water-repellent DWR shell which makes it the perfect waterproof outdoor blanket.
  • With built-in pouches, our park blankets are easy to fold and stuff into the pouch for quick and simple storage.
  • All our blankets for the outdoors have a small zippered corner pocket where you can keep valuables like your keys or cell phone safe.
  • The park blanket has tent loops as well as handy corner compartments that can be filled with sand to weigh the blanket down. You’ll never have to worry about your blanket blowing over or away again. 

For frequent beachgoers, our range of lightweight throw blankets is the perfect choice. Due to the tight weave technique used, the lightweight throw blankets are sand resistant.

Other features we love on our throw blankets include:

  • They are made from a Turkish-style chambray fabric that is ultra-lightweight and gets softer with every wash.
  • The design is woven on both sides with a fringe detail, and due to it’s oversized nature, the blanket can be used as a throw on your bed or couch when you’re not using it for the beach.