Whether you’re looking to change up your bedroom linen, add a pop of color to your living room, or buy a cozy blanket to cuddle with on cold winter nights, our soft, comfy modern throw blankets are the perfect solution.

If you’re looking for an airy, fun option to brighten up your home, our lightweight throw blankets are a great choice. Thinner than other modern throw blankets, and featuring a wider variety of designs, these modern blankets make for the perfect gift or summer addition to your home. Beyond only being used inside, our lightweight throw blankets are perfect for picnics, beach days, and use as a sarong wrap.

For those who prefer a modern throw blanket with a little more substance and weight, our tapestry throw blankets tick every box. Featuring fun, eclectic designs, bright colors, and a unique woven pattern, our tapestry blankets are ideal for cooler nights or evenings spent outdoors.

If something even cozier is in order, don’t overlook that our signature cotton twill blankets aren’t just warm—they’re soft, plush, and come in a range of more muted colors and bold designs.

No matter which modern throw blanket you choose, you can rest assured they are each made with extreme attention to detail and using sustainably sourced material. Whether you want a lightweight, brightly colored modern blanket or a more traditional, woven alternative to the modern throw blankets of today, look no further than Slowtide.