Hooded Ponchos

Hooded ponchos have always been a beachwear staple. However, our range of stylishly oversized changing ponchos takes the convenience of the classic beachside attire to the next level. In addition to being warm, cozy, and fun to wear whether you’re heading out to surf or on an outing to the beach, our long hooded ponchos are perfect for changing under so you don’t have to go searching for changing rooms nearby. 

We have a range of plush winter-weight cotton terry ponchos and quick-dry hooded ponchos available, ensuring there’s a poncho to suit any beachgoer’s every need. 

Here’s what makes our hooded changing ponchos so unique:

  • Each hooded poncho has an internal access opening inside the classic kangaroo pocket that allows you to put your hands in and change inside the poncho without exposing yourself by bending over or fiddling with your clothes from below.
  • Made from winter-weight cotton terry, our ponchos are perfect for keeping you warm after your swim or surf. Our special surf changing poncho is a best seller among surfers heading into the waves along the coasts of San Diego, Los Angeles, and Hawaii.
  • Our range of hooded ponchos address every beachside need you may have, including extra-warm, lightweight, quick-dry, and waterproof options. 
  • They come in three different oversized sizes: small-medium, large-extra large, and XXL. 
  • All our ponchos are 100% sustainably and ethically sourced. 
  • We have a variety of different colors and patterns for anyone to choose from no matter your personal style.